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videography / edition / planification

THE R16 is on of the big 3 events of b-boying in the world
During the past 2015, , and with and special collaboration on 2016; TRNGL Entertainment was part of the official creative team of the R16 .Event hosted by Cartel Creative

Under the Direction of Francisco Arjona we were collaborating with this World B-Boy Championships & Urban Arts Festival, creating teasers, trailers and special videos around the world


R16 World final Official Recap

Video by: Francisco Arjona

R16 Weekend – 2015

R16 Weekend – 2015.Directed by: Francisco Arjona | Triangle Entertainment Client: Cartel Creative Inc. & ManafestMusic: Manafest (1-2-3-4)

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R16 Korea is an annual international b-boy tournament and urban arts cultural festival sponsored primarily by the Korea Tourism Organization and the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
The main event features sixteen B-Boy crews representing fifteen countries competing in a two day tournament for world championship.
The festival features graffiti artists, street wear designers, musical performers and dancers who specialize in hip-hop, popping, locking and other urban arts subcultures from South Korea and other countries.

R16 After Party

Video by: Francisco Arjona



video by: Francisco Arjona


R16 - 2015 World final teaser

Edition by: Francisco Arjona

R16 Korea 2015 – Teaser

R16 Korea 2015 – Teaservideo by: Francisco Arjona#Teaser #r16 #r16korea #r16worldfinal #bboy #bboying

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2015 Teams Introduction

edition by: Francisco Arjons

R16 China - Qualifer Recap

Video by: Francisco Arjona


video by: Francisco Arjona

Quick - The beast from the east

Video by: Francisco Arjona

Quick – The beast from the east

Quick – The BEAST from the EAST Video by: Francisco Arjona | Triangle EntertainmentPlace: Shenzhen City / R16 China national Finals从东野兽

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R16 Korean Qualifiers - Alternative flow

Edition: Francisco arjona / Camera: Yohan & Francisco

Roasted Rounds - Korean Qualifers

Video by: Francisco Arjona


R16 - Central Asia Qualifers

Video by: Francisco Arjona

Junior & The End - In kazakhstan

Video by: Francisco Arjona

R16 - South East asia Qualifers

Video by: Francisco Arjona

R16 South East Asia

R16 South East AsiaVideo by: Francisco Arjona

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